What Are The Top Spots For Watching Whales in Australia?

One of the reasons as to why people love visiting Australia is the fact that it has many amenities, especially on the coastline. The coastline has so many types of whales that many people enjoy watching. Although when you think about the shore, you feel that the whole coast has whales, there are several spots for watching whales in Australia. The following are the top spots for watching whales in Australia:

Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay is a spot for watching whales that are in the final spot on the highway named Humpback Highway. Hervey Bay is a home for many whales and also shelters the whales, giving them a chance to give birth and raise the calves in the  Hervey Bay waters. During raising the calves and migration period, people can watch the whales. When winter period reaches, the whales in this bay migrate to Queensland Bay, since the waters in Queensland are warmer than the water in Hervey Bay.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a place that is well known for having several whales watching hotspot. These hotspots include Coffs Harbour, Port Stephens, Gold Coast, and Port Macquarie. All these hotspots together form the Bryon Bay. The bay has so many whales and offers an excellent adventure for the people who love watching whales.


The Eden bay is in between the Melbourne and Sydney drives. The waters in Eden seems to be so good since the currents from the north and the south meet in Eden. The mixing of the currents brings nutrients at this point, which are very rich for the whales in this place. The best time to watch the whales in Eden is from September to October every year.

Freycinet Peninsula

Every winter, there is a procession of whales that attracts many people to visit at the Freycinet Peninsula. The whales begin migrating from the Antarctic water from May to July, heading to Queensland. They also come back to the Freycinet Peninsula from September to November. The migration of the whales during these periods gives people a chance to watch them in this spot.


Sydney is the largest city in Australia that has very sparkling clean waters. The fact that the water is sparkling gives thousands of whales a good living condition. The best months for watching whales in this whale watching spot is from May to November. The coastline in Sydney is also used by the whales as they are basking. As a result,  the visitors and tourists can watch the whales from any place in this location.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is found along the Victorian Coast west of Melbourne. It is so lovely, such that many people would stare at any time they visit it. However, the whales that are on its waters attract people more than its beauty. The southern part of the Great Ocean Road has the southern whales from June to October while the east part has the whales from June to August. The blue whales are more in the Great Ocean Road during the summer season.


Albany is not only a whale spot but also a museum where people come to watch the whales when they are in Australia. It’s on the east of Perth in West Australia and harbours both the southern right and blue whales which spend more than six months on these waters. Albany is one of the best whales watching spots that has the most prolonged periods of watching whales.

On the off chance that you visit Australia, ensure that you have visited one of the whales watching spots for adventure. It’s one of the best ways of spending your leisure.