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Will we see whales?

The chances of seeing whales on Pacific Explorer are very high.
Each morning whales are tracked from a lookout in Coffs for an hour prior to our cruise departure. When we leave the harbour the skipper will have a rough idea of the general location of the day’s whales. This way we don’t spend a lot of time heading in the wrong direction.
We usually sight whales within the first 20 minutes of leaving, sometimes sooner.
2007 sightings were 100%, some better than others, however we will guarantee you will see a whale. If you are unlucky to be on one of the very few trips that don’t see a whale you will be given an invitation to join us again that season….So you will see a whale.

How close do we get to the whales?

We are governed by rules and regulations when watching whales. A boat cannot go within 100 metres of a whale or 300m if there is a calf. Pacific Explorer is a smaller boat compared to a lot of other whale watching vessels and over the years we have learnt to take things slowly, we are very patient and the whales respond positively toward us. We are constant in the way we approach whales and we keep our distance as not to frighten or harass these gentle giants. After about 10 minutes the whales become comfortable with our presence and often venture within a few metres of the vessel, sometimes crossing our bow swimming underneath or escorting us as part of their pod. Each whale is different and it is entirely up to them whether they come to us and how long they stay with the boat.

Is the boat ok for kids?

Pacific Explorer, like all commercially surveyed vessels must pass stringent safety requirements, and we do. Because we only take 23 passengers, children on board usually get better views of the whales than if they were on the larger vessels with the larger crowds. Sometimes mum feels a little nervous about the kids roaming all over the boat but they are always in view of the crew and to make her feel more at ease we can supply life jackets. We also have nets on the bow and in warmer weather kids often lay on these, watch the whales pass underneath and have a ”wet n wild“ ride as well. We try to encourage kid’s participation in all activities with questions and competitions and rewards for involvement. They have a blast!

Do you have a toilet?

We do have a marine toilet on board for those who get a little too excited when the whales get so close.

Why should we go with Pacific Explorer?

You are guaranteed to see a Humpback whale!
Pacific Explorer has been whale watching in Coffs Harbour for some 14 years so we are good at what we do.
Because we do our homework it is rare not to see whales within 15-20 minutes after leaving the Harbour. As we rarely have to travel far to locate whales, our cruises are generally 2 1/2 hours in duration - this means less time travelling and more time with the whales. With whales as close as the harbour entrance (yes we have the photos), the best value cruises on the eastern seaboard of Australia and a convenient location between Sydney and Brisbane, why would you choose anywhere else to experience the splendour of whale watching. But we warn you it is infectious! We have had one passenger do 70 cruises in a season and has been a regular for many years.

Pacific Explorer is purpose built for great viewing, stability and safety.
For us it’s not about money and lots of people - it’s a passion! We genuinely want to give you the best experience possible.
We have only 23 passengers so you are never just one of the crowd. As your enjoyment and comfort are our priority, we only cruise when weather conditions permit, we would much rather cancel a cruise than take you out on a boat ride in bad weather.

Our goal is to share one of the most amazing encounters you can have with these gentle giants of the ocean.
We know how to cruise with the whales so you get the best viewings we can provide. Morning teas not bad either.

Where can we find you?

Pacific Explorer is located at Pier 1, Coffs Harbour International Marina, Marina Drive, Coffs Harbour Jetty