About Us
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The Solitary Islands Marine Park off Coffs Harbour is a meeting place where Humpback whales converge on their migration from Antartica, making the Coffs Coast the best location in Australia to go whale watching. Here they appear close to the coast and are often seen breaching, spouting and tail slapping just out from the harbour.

There is no better way to see the whales than aboard the custom built boat Pacific Explorer, the longest continuously operating whale watching vessel in Coffs Harbour, successfully watching whales since 1994 & the local’s favourite boat.

Pacific Explorer  is a 10 metre motor sailing catamaran specially designed for whale watching, offering a safe, stable ride, uninterrupted views of the whales and the ability for passengers to move around the deck. The boat is fully equipped with galley and toilet.

Pacific Explorer’s quiet engine and professional operation sees the whales gravitate to the boat or hide behind our boat as interference when other boats come too close. It is this undeniable affinity that whales have with Pacific Explorer that makes our boat so successful!