Getting The Most From Your Whale Watching Trip

Whale watching generally is an activity involving watching out whales together with dolphins in their habitats just for recreation. This activity has several benefits but among them include:

  • Enables awareness creation of the state of the whole species
  • The economic success in numerous countries and creation of employment

Expectations in a whale watching Tour

Whales and dolphins absence- nature is unpredictable, and at times depending on the state on the location you visit for the whale watching activity, whales may fail to appear. For you to be certain on seeing them, it is an excellent idea to enquire with us  their  migration  after which you can decide where to take on the recreational activity

Seasickness ( motion sickness)-  this is a sickness with symptoms like dizziness, uneasiness, and vomiting, among others. It is mostly caused by signal conflicts between the sensory receptors and the inner ear. Remedies to this problem include;

  •  Staring at the horizon
  •  Chewing
  • Taking in fresh air
  •  Use of  ginger

  However, in a sea, ensure to use the following to prevent seasickness:

  •         Be in a position such that the motion of the inner ear feels the eyes and be able to hear the same motion.
  •           When on a boat stand on the neck  in order to watch motion over the horizon

Change of weather and calmness or roughness of the water– in most times winds are stronger, and the temperature is cooler in the sea on the beach as compared to the land.

Photographers- timing dolphins and whales so as to take a snap can be challenging to an inexperienced person. Therefore, in the whale watching activity expect to be assisted by our professional photographers who are able to take snaps capturing when these whales appear, and they do this at a price.

 A lot of fun-  whale watching activity is one of the recreational activities that is loved by both domestic and international tourists and hence our services involves a lot of fun enjoying together while watching these species.

 Expect to be outfitted in flotation costume suites- We provide these suits to ensure that you are warm in all conditions.

 Be prepared to leave all your valuables in your car or in our rooms because once you are on the boat, the washroom facilities are unavailable and this value is risky to carry along during this recreational activity.

Expect to have some reservations for those who had already reserved-It’s a nice practice to have a room reserved for you in order to minimise theft and other risks that may be incurred in case you don’t have a specific room to keep your valuables. You can contact us for your reservation prior to the actual day through our website.