Are there better times of the year to go whale watching than others?

Whale migration has become one of the major tourist attraction activities to see if you are living in or visiting Australia. The trend has massively grown over the past few decades. In Australia, however, there is a long whale season between May and November, which definitely has a positive impact on its popularity.

Between May and November, across the east and the western coastlines of Australia, whales can be seen at several scenic spots. Southern right whales travel across the ocean to Southern Australia and Victoria to the temperate breeding waters while for mating and calving purposes, the energetic humpback whales travel to the north – Great Barrier Reef and Kimberley.

The waters of Australia is habitat to over 60 percent of the world’s whale population, because of the warm water conducive for delivering and raising their calves

Usually, during the migration season, tourists from around the world are excited about visiting multiple whales watching destinations. The whale route runs from New Zealand through to Australia. There are several whale-watching famous destinations that tourists can visit: Storm Bay in Tasmania, Cape Leeuwin, Ningaloo and Shark Bay in Western Australia, Hervey Bay, Byron Bay, Stradbroke and The Gold Coast in Queensland, Point Hicks and Otway Coast in Victoria.

Best time for whale watching in Victoria and South Australia

Between June and October is the perfect season to whale watch for Southern rights because they swim very close to the shore. Occasionally, blue whales can be seen in May in Victoria and Warrnambool.

Best time for whale watching on the East Coast of Australia

The East Coast presents an amazing opportunity for whale watching across New South Wales and Queensland between May through July, and September through November. In Sydney, you see a lot of humpback whales very close to the shore, and because of its friendly nature and curiosity about boats and divers, it has earned a reputation of the most popular whale among the watchers.

Best time for whale watching on Great Barrier Reef Cruise

Some of the best ways to experience the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef is to engage in activities like snorkelling, diving, glass-bottom boat cruises, helicopter tours, etc. The cruise to the reef would make you experience the world largest organism too. Humpback and Dwarf Minke Whales can be found between May and September. However, the best season is between July and September.

Best time for whale watching on the Gold Coast

This is fast becoming a premier place for whale watching with whale getting as close as one or two kilometres from the seashore. Throughout the whale watching season, whales may be seen in the Gold Coast but reaches its peak in August.